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CrossFit is Not AntiFragile

I’ve seen a few proponents of CrossFit try and claim because of the randomness of the daily workouts (WOD) that they are following the principles of Antifragile. For those unaware Antifragile is a book written by Nassim Taleb describing a … [continue reading]

CrossFit: 73.5% Chance of Getting Injured!

Anyone that has read this site knows I am not a fan of CrossFit. I believe it is the wrong approach to fitness for a number of reasons, but my root reason is the high rate of injuries. When … [continue reading]

Responding to a CrossFit Enthusiast

In the post Help Me Understand CrossFit, I got a great comment from Jay about competitive CrossFit athletes.

Speaking to the point that several of you have made regarding CrossFit’s level of danger/lack of safety.What most of you are

[continue reading]

Help Me Understand CrossFit

Am I the only paleo blogger that isn’t embracing the extreme “functional” workout program known as CrossFit? I’ve read articles from their journals, watched videos, and talked to members. To me, CrossFit seems like another lunatic over-training … [continue reading]