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Espresso Hike #4 – Fremont

The area of Seattle with the coolest roadside attractions has to be Fremont. However, it doesn’t have the best coffee. Yes, the Coffee Club of Seattle misses Stickman. Espresso Hike #4 was about 3 miles. The original plan was to … [continue reading]

Espresso Hike #3 – Capitol Hill to Pioneer Square

Last year the Coffee Club of Seattle did two Espresso Hikes that were huge hits. The members were ready for another one and the weather was nice, so this past Sunday we did Espresso Hike #3. We met Sunday morning … [continue reading]

Espresso Hike #2 – Queen Anne to Downtown

Espresso Hike #1 was so successful that the Coffee Club of Seattle did a second one last Friday. If you wish to learn more about the background of the Espresso Hike, be sure to read Espresso Hike #1. … [continue reading]

The Espresso Hike #1 – Queen Anne

As the organizer for the Coffee Club of Seattle, one of my roles is locating and trying new coffee places in the Seattle area. If the place serves excellent espresso, has enough space and isn’t too crowded, I will … [continue reading]