The area of Seattle with the coolest roadside attractions has to be Fremont. However, it doesn’t have the best coffee. Yes, the Coffee Club of Seattle misses Stickman. Espresso Hike #4 was about 3 miles. The original plan was to hit 3 coffee shops and Theo Chocolate as we made our way from landmark to landmark.

  1. Fremont Coffee Company
  2. Caffe Vita
  3. Caffe Ladro

The night before I went to Caffe Ladro and got a pretty bad espresso, which I discussed with my fellow hikers. We came to a group decision to not visit Ladro. Although I have had decent espresso from their Queen Anne location, all their other locations over extract their shots. I can make their espresso blend better on my $600 home espresso machine.

Caffe Vita was the clear winner on this espresso hike. Although Fremont Coffee Company is better since dumping Lighthouse and choosing to roast their own coffee, they still aren’t top tier. In fairness to them, I wouldn’t expect any new roaster to be top tier in Seattle in less than one year.

The photos below are from the hike.


Coffee Club of Seattle – Our Meetup group.

Fremont Coffee Company – 459 N 36th St

Caffe Vita – 4301 Fremont Avenue North

Caffe Ladro – 452 N 36th St

Espresso Hike #1 – From July 2009

Espresso Hike #2 – From September 2009

Espresso Hike #3 – From June 2010