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Digging My Kindle Fire 6

I haven’t blogged since returning from my Seattle trip. The reason is I unpacked and starting playing with my new Kindle Fire 6. Earlier this year I raved about the Chromebook. However, as much as I loved and still … [continue reading]

When the Check Engine Light Comes On Part 2

This is a follow-up post to When the Check Engine Light Comes On. If you haven’t read that post, the short version is I learned how to read the engine codes thrown when the Check Engine light comes on … [continue reading]

Maybe I’m Wrong About Exercise Injury Risk

Anyone that has read this site in the past few years knows that when it comes to exercise I seek out movements that are kind to the joints and respect how the muscles move. My general position is that much … [continue reading]

Lab on a Chip

A few friends of mine have discounted my optimism that in the future we will all have gadgets that monitor our health numbers in real time. From the post The Healthy Optimist:

Today we can work with labs, get

[continue reading]

The Healthy Optimist

Our food system is toxic, people are unhealthy and it seems health outcomes are getting worse and worse. Yet, I am optimistic that in the near future things will be better. A lot better. The positive changes I’m envisioning won’t … [continue reading]