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Potatoes and Protein – Two Attacks on Hunger

I have an observation that I want to share about my Potatoes and Protein Diet. This may just be my experience, so I’d like your feedback if you are experiencing the same thing.

There are two waves of hunger:… [continue reading]

Ending 30/30 Experiment With Casein (n=1)

This is quick update on the results from my experience trying the Tim Ferriss 30 in 30 experiment. The premise is to get 30 grams of protein consumed within 30 minutes of waking. Doing this is suppose to┬áreduce appetite … [continue reading]

Intermittent Fasting – 70 Day Review of the Leangains Method

About a year ago, I reported that I was experimenting with the Leangains 16 hour intermittent fasting method. I wasn’t strict with it. I did it about 3 days a week.┬áMy initial thoughts were:

Personally I like this intermittent

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