Potatoes and Protein – Two Attacks on Hunger

I have an observation that I want to share about my Potatoes and Protein Diet. This may just be my experience, so I’d like your feedback if you are experiencing the same thing.

There are two waves of hunger:

  1. At the meal
  2. Between meals

What I have discovered is that boiled potatoes are king when it comes to crushing appetite while eating. Better than protein. However, high protein increases the time I feel full longer. It is a better tool for tackling mid-meal hunger.

Potatoes are the artillery. Protein is the ground forces.

I don’t know if there is science to support my experience, but on those meals where my protein is higher and my potatoes are lower, I walk away less full in that moment, but a greater sense of fullness kicks in later.

To test this idea yourself, if you feel you need more food to quiet hunger while you are eating, increase the potatoes. If you feel you get hungry too soon after a meal, increase the protein. If both, find your balance with experimentation.




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  1. You are so spot on it’s unbelievable. When I do just potatoes I feel stuffed at the meal but get hungrier quicker than if I eat protein too. When I tried PSMF type meals I would eat a whole lot more at the meal (maybe even too much) chasing that feeling of fullness and not getting that heavy full sensation that I actually enjoy from potatoes, but I will not get hungry for hours. So finding the sweet spot at each meal depending on your physical needs is a great way of listening to your body, I am going to be more conscious of this and see results

  2. I think this reflects my experience, though I would say that when my meals are too bland, I feel an unpleasant sense of dissatisfaction.

    Do you think that if you were to go back to a diet with fewer potatoes and lower protein, but still healthy, would you expect to gain weight? Or do you suspect your body fat set point has been reduced eating this way?

  3. @Hs – Great question. I’m not sure. I suspect I would gain some, but not much. But I don’t know.

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