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Amazing Latte Designs at Kitanda Brazilian Espresso and Bakery

This weekend I went to Microsoft’s neighborhood of Redmond, Washington. I really didn’t expect to find good coffee there, but I did. Kitanda Brazilian Espresso and Bakery made some amazing drinks for the Coffee Club of Seattle. Here are … [continue reading]

Hot Chocolate Latte Art

Victrola Coffee proves that latte art works just as well on hot chocolate.


Victrola Coffee – Official website.… [continue reading]

Monday Afternoon Latte Art

Here is a little afternoon pickup for you.

This drink was made by Urban Coffee Lounge in Kirkland, Washington yesterday. For those of you outside Seattle, Kirkland is the birthplace of Costco, which uses the Kirkland name as a brand.… [continue reading]

Home Latte Art – The Feather

I am not a barista and because almost never consume anything but straight espresso, my latte art skills are weak. Today I got some half and half and did my first attempt in months. I wanted a rosetta, I got … [continue reading]

Latte Art Etching From Makeda Coffee

One of the great coffee secrets of Seattle is a little shop in the Greenwood area called Makeda Coffee. This dog-friendly coffee shop uses beans from 7 Roasters. Even though Seattle has a lot of great coffee places, … [continue reading]

When I See Your Face Like the Morning Sun You Spark Me To Shine

It has been several months since my last latte art attempt. Since I only drink espresso, I rarely get a chance to make lattes. Then I woke up the other day and saw a new post at Naug’s Latte Art [continue reading]