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My Prediction About Email Newsletters Was Dead Wrong

On this blog, in a comment from February 2015, I said:

It is 2015 and for the last few years, the message has been build the newsletter. Like every other web trend, this will get played out. There will

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Newsletter Changes – Google Screws the Bloggers Again!

Today, Google announced it will no longer be supporting the Email post option in Feedburner. This means if you are subscribed to this blog, you’ll need to sign up with Follow.it to get alerted of new posts.


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GDPR and Why I Decided to Kill Off My Newsletters

You’ve probably received a lot of emails in the last month related to privacy policy updates. This was all in response to the GDPR privacy laws.

I had zero interest in figuring out if my sites might be in violation … [continue reading]

How to Send Email Newsletters to Your RSS Reader

UPDATE April 2021: The service discussed in this post is no longer working.

In my previous post How to Save RSS, I asked the RSS developers to create a newsletter reader. My wish was to redirect my content newsletters … [continue reading]

How to Save RSS

I love RSS. It is the best technology for reading content on the web. For those that do not know what RSS is, check out this 1 minute video. According to this page RSS popularity started to decline in … [continue reading]

Newsletter #4 – Security

It has been a while since Newsletter #3 – Eliminate. For #4, I wanted to take a break from fitness and nutrition for one issue and focus on a topic that we can all benefit from. With all the … [continue reading]