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GDPR and Why I Decided to Kill Off My Newsletters

You’ve probably received a lot of emails in the last month related to privacy policy updates. This was all in response to the GDPR privacy laws.

I had zero interest in figuring out if my sites might be in violation … [continue reading]

How to Send Email Newsletters to Your RSS Reader

In my previous post How to Save RSS, I asked the RSS developers to create a newsletter reader. My wish was to redirect my content newsletters out of my email Inbox and over to my RSS Reader. One of … [continue reading]

How to Save RSS

I love RSS. It is the best technology for reading content on the web. For those that do not know what RSS is, check out this 1 minute video. According to this page RSS popularity started to decline in … [continue reading]

Newsletter #4 – Security

It has been a while since Newsletter #3 – Eliminate. For #4, I wanted to take a break from fitness and nutrition for one issue and focus on a topic that we can all benefit from. With all the … [continue reading]

Newsletter #3 – Eliminate

Yesterday I sent out my 3rd newsletter, which I called Eliminate.

For those that aren’t signed up, here is a direct link to Newsletter #3:


After I sent the newsletter, I noticed an extra word in the first sentence. … [continue reading]

Newsletter #2 – Chill

Yesterday I sent off my 2nd newsletter, which I called Chill. I was very reluctant to start a newsletter. My thinking is that readers already have RSS, Twitter and can even have each post sent via email. Why should I … [continue reading]