Newsletter #3 – Eliminate

Yesterday I sent out my 3rd newsletter, which I called Eliminate.

For those that aren’t signed up, here is a direct link to Newsletter #3:

After I sent the newsletter, I noticed an extra word in the first sentence. Unlike a webpage, there is no way for me to go back in time and eliminate that word. Doesn’t appear to be a way to fix the archived copy either. That error will live on. Probably a lesson there.

If you have any others comments regarding the newsletter, leave them below.



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  1. Also, under Disposable Content, you wrote:

    I made it clear that I do like like to write opinion pieces.

    Now, was that merely a repetition, or did you mean to write “not like” instead of “like like”?

  2. @garymar – Yes. Another error. Uggh. You’d think I had been sick for over a month and got rusty on my writing and editing skills. 🙂

  3. MAS, I don’t know what word processor you use, but my MS Word has a doubled word flag you can set to catch precisely these errors.

  4. @garymar – For that I just used the MailChimp editor window. Lesson learned.

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