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Better Sleep for the Too Early Riser

I was recently asked about what tips I had for better sleep. Instead of responding directly to the email, I thought it might make for a good post where others could read and comment. Most of the sleep advice you … [continue reading]

The ROI of Quantified Self

After being an early enthusiast of Quantified Self, I now consider myself to be a critic. My last post on the topic was Some Quantified Self Honesty. That was two months ago. In that post and the posts linked … [continue reading]

Some Quantified Self Honesty

Most of what you read from the Quantified Self movement is celebratory nonsense. Without repeating my opinion and how I arrived at it, I’ll direct you to these posts:

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My Last Post on Headaches

An interesting thing happened last week after my post Quantified Self and False Pattern Recognition. In that post, I mentioned the benefit I have received from ending the daily tracking.

I don’t think I’ve had a single headache this

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Quantified Self and False Pattern Recognition

I was watching Episode 3 of the new Cosmos show when Neil deGrasse Tyson said something that reminded me an awful lot of the Quantified Self movement.:

The human talent for pattern recognition is a two-edged sword. We’re especially good

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What Weight Lifting Should Have Taught Me About Quantified Self

My opinion of Quantified Self has gone from being an enthusiastic supporter to one of extreme skepticism. There is a lure to the narrative that if we collect enough data about ourselves we can be leaner, stronger, faster, and … [continue reading]