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Revising My Seattle Rent Outlook

In May I posted Ballard Rents – Don’t Believe the Hype! in which I gave my thoughts about the rent situation in Seattle. Although I am still confident that the near-vertical increase in rents is about to come to an … [continue reading]

Getting More or Getting Nothing

Very shortly after my neighbors and I learned the new owners were going to evict all the tenants, a group was formed to fight the new developers. I wasn’t sure what the group was going to do. We were … [continue reading]

Ballard Rents – Don’t Believe the Hype!

This is a follow up post to Trying to Cheer Up an Economic Idiot. In that post I outlined my opinion of what was happening in the red hot rental market of my Seattle neighborhood of Ballard. Unlike my … [continue reading]

How To Get Lower Rent

I ended the last post by stating:

Not everyone will get lower rent. Some people will be suckered into paying higher rent. Not me.

I am going to tell you how to get lower rent. First, let me share my … [continue reading]

Updating the Moving Scorecard Again

When my building decided to raise my rent 3.5%, I let them know that they were in denial on the current state of the Seattle rental market. This is not 2008. Rents are falling everywhere in Seattle. I told my … [continue reading]

The Softening Seattle Rental Market

Yeah, home prices are falling. That is old news. I’m more interested in what is going on in the rental market. When I went looking for a rental unit back in May, there was little offered and the prices were … [continue reading]