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Bloggers Share a lot of the Blame of the Demise of the Independent Web

In my previous post, I called out Google as playing a huge role in pushing users away from blogs and into the social media silos. But bloggers themselves are equally to blame for chasing users away. In this post, … [continue reading]

How to Send Email Newsletters to Your RSS Reader

UPDATE April 2021: The service discussed in this post is no longer working.

In my previous post How to Save RSS, I asked the RSS developers to create a newsletter reader. My wish was to redirect my content newsletters … [continue reading]

How to Save RSS

I love RSS. It is the best technology for reading content on the web. For those that do not know what RSS is, check out this 1 minute video. According to this page RSS popularity started to decline in … [continue reading]

Creating a Filtered RSS Feed Using Yahoo! Pipes

Do you read any blogs that just seem to have too many posts to read? Perhaps you are only interested in reading certain posts. With Yahoo! Pipes you can easily create a custom web page and RSS feed to handle … [continue reading]