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How to Explore San Francisco Like a Champ

I will be leaving the San Francisco Bay Area in one month and returning to Seattle. During the year I was here, I explored the hell out of the area. I saw more of San Francisco than many will see … [continue reading]

Urban Hike San Francisco – 11 Miles, 3 Espressos

From 2008-2013 I did a few posts mapping my urban hiking adventures in Seattle. Now that I am temporarily in the San Francisco area, I thought I’d post one for this city. I’ve done many already. I’d say I’ve urban … [continue reading]

The Temperature Wimps of San Francisco 

I don’t get it.

I will never understand why men will step out of their houses wearing a jacket or coat when the temperature is in the mid 60s, when they know it will be sunny and 70 F in … [continue reading]

Leaving Seattle For a Few Months

Last fall I mentioned that I would be forced to move in mid 2014 due to the evictions. Well that time has arrived. The builders will start work on my apartment building¬†on Tuesday. This means it is time … [continue reading]