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Starting Over in Cardio

As I explained in the previous post Searching For The Cardio Code, after a very long hiatus, I’m ready to reintroduce cardio training to my fitness plan.

Some would argue that my long urban hikes or my 10,000 steps [continue reading]

Cold Thermogenesis Interrupted

At the start of this year, I stopped doing daily cold temperature exposure, which is something I have been practicing since 2008. No more cold showers and I could even be spotted walking around Seattle wearing a thin sweater. … [continue reading]

2009 Polar Bear Plunge – Matthews Beach in Seattle

Today was the day of my first (and last?) Polar Bear Plunge. Here were the stats for the 7th Annual Polar Bear Plunge:

  • water temperature was 44 F
  • outside temperature was 41 F
  • wind chill temperature was 34
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