Two weeks I went over the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Nutritional Programs and patted myself on the back for following the rules most of the time. Well I may have been too quick to give myself a gold star. On closer look I’m getting too many starchy carbs and not enough protein.

A typical dinner for me would be a piece of fish, some veggies and brown rice. For most people this would be an excellent meal. And for years I thought it was too. Yesterday I dug deeper into the numbers.

1 piece of Mahi-Mahi (Costco) = 100 calories (21g protein)
1 piece of Tuna Steak (Costco) = 120 calories (25g protein)

This amount of protein is fine for a woman, but not for an active 210 pound man. After eating one piece of fish, I’d still be hungry so I’d grab another serving of rice. Starchy carbs are fine when you return from exercise. However they should be minimized on rest days.

Starting last night I doubled up on the fish and cut back on the carb grams.

Legacy Comments


When I was working with my trainer, she had me eating starchy carbs (usually sweet potatoes) in only the first one or two meals a day. After that, it was only non-starchy carbs. I think it really played a HUGE part in my fat loss combined with the increased protein. Good luck in changing some things around and finding the right mix.