For the most part I eat a clean diet. Upon closer inspection I found a few things that I need to eliminate.

Mayonnaise – It’s the glue that holds my albacore tuna together. Sadly it’s mostly low quality oils and egg yolks. High low quality fats are to be avoided.

Monday I swapped my Mayonnaise for Nayonaise Original. Tastes fine to me. It’s got 1/3 the calories and fat of the real stuff. They offer a fat-free version as well, which I may try in the future.

Egg Yolks – As a person with low cholesterol, I’ve never cared about removing the yolk. Although the yolk is full of nutrients, it’s probably wise to remove a few yolks and add some whites. More protein and less fat.

At Costco they sell cases of egg whites. Just pour and cook. No need to do that egg white dance anymore.

In p1 I covered removing excess starchy carbs and in this part I got rid of the bad fats. I’ll keep you posted to see what effect this has on my body composition.