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Someone Has Been Messing With My Almond Butter

One of the reasons I go to Costco is to stock up on almond butter. Recently, they replaced the MaraNatha Creamy Almond Butter glass jars with plastic jars. I noticed the ounces were the same, so I assume the product … [continue reading]

If I Were The King of Costco

I love Costco. Unfortunately, so does everyone else. I used to be able to time my visits when it was less crowded. Not anymore. It is always packed. Short of building new stores, here are a few ideas I would … [continue reading]

My Cheap Camera Tripod Rocks!

I got a cheap little tripod for my camera and I am very pleased.


Photo “Take me to your leader!” by Flickr user shawnmebo

The tripod is just $10 on Amazon and easily screws into that hole on the bottom … [continue reading]

Recommendation Zombies

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend recently. People are becoming Recommendation Zombies. In the past it seemed a person would limit their recommendations to products and services they had a first hand positive experience with. That no longer seems to … [continue reading]

It’s a Boy!

Meet the newest member of the family, Rocky. He came into this world Saturday evening at a weight of 23 pounds. And he has already started chewing. The little guy is able to grind coffee perfectly for espresso shots.


Here … [continue reading]

Cleaning Up My Diet 2

For the most part I eat a clean diet. Upon closer inspection I found a few things that I need to eliminate.

Mayonnaise – It’s the glue that holds my albacore tuna together. Sadly it’s mostly low quality oils and

[continue reading]