Joining 24 hour Fitness is a lot easier than leaving. When you go to cancel your membership they remind you of two things.

1- You must give them 30 days notice. This means they can squeeze in one extra month of dues. This is in the contract.

2- When you join you prepay the last month, but that last month can’t be applied to the bonus month listed above.

This means the membership that I canceled today (October 3rd) will still be active until December 24th. I’m sure some attorney got a nice pat on the back for coming up with this scheme.

After going ballistic with the Vonage customer support people 2 weeks ago, I had no desire to wage battle with the kind lady from Mumbai. Her job is to prevent lazy Americans from canceling their memberships. My reasons for canceling were too numerous, so I considered telling her about Mr. Tip Toes but thought better of it.

I did learn one interesting thing. They were ready to make price concessions in my monthly membership when they thought they could win me back. If you have a 24 Hour Fitness membership, call up and ask to cancel your membership. When they offer to cut your rate, thank them and take the offer. Then take your price savings and cut me a thank you check. You can prepay the first and last month…