Intervention at the Glitter Gym

Usually when I see stupid things at the gym, I keep it to myself and then come home and post my observations here on MAS o Menos. Today I couldn’t stay silent. Even though it was only my 2nd day at this new gym and I’m there on a free pass, I had to do an intervention.

A personal trainer with the physique of a NASCAR husband (stick arms and distended belly) was training an older man. The man was probably 60 years old, 6 feet tall and maybe weighed 150 pounds. The man was so weak and uncoordinated that I doubt he could have done a single girls push-up.

The trainer had him doing all sorts of ridiculous exercises which are guaranteed to make him sore and not a single bit stronger. The fitness industry has created a great racket. Convince everyone that soreness is required for strength gains and fat loss and then proceed to deliver the most inefficient workout that maximizes soreness and achieves none of the benefits. Another brain-washed customer for life.

Anyway our trainer has the old fellow standing on one leg waving a dumb-bell around at the end of an already too long workout. Of course the guy was doing high-reps and facing a mirror. Aggh!!!! But the worst crime the trainer missed was the guy was wearing running shoes and surprise surprise, he was falling forward with every repetition causing his back to round. Remember he is looking at himself in the mirror. Trust me that I know how stupid it is to dead-lift with running shoes on.

The man was shaking like a tree in a hurricane and he was one rep away from a 911 call. Fortunately the trainer counted that as the last repetition and then walked away. That was my queue to approach the guy. I couldn’t tell him his entire workout was asinine and his trainer was less than incompetent. So I gave him the one tip that would save him from injury the most.

Do you have any flat shoes? When you wear running shoes, it lifts your heals and causes your body to lean forward. This is good for running, but not for leg exercises. The flatter your shoes are the more grounded you will be.

The trainer came back and I expected him to try and argue with me and pull some nonsense he learned from his certification program, but he didn’t. He agreed with me. Maybe tomorrow I can show the old timer the proper way to do a bench press.


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  1. I swear, Tales of the Glitter Gym is going to be a book some day.

    I’d buy it.

    And kudos on the tactful public service!

  2. Thanks!

    I’ve got a hunch my new gym will be a rich source of content.

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