Went to get my haircut today and the lady that cuts my hair was telling me how she was able to send money to Myanmar because of the big tip from my previous haircut. Before she started telling me about how they got the money into the damaged village, I stopped her and explained that I always tip $5 on a $15 haircut. She cuts hair for mostly old guys and I knew some tipped very little or not at all, but a $5 tip shouldn’t result in sending money for a relief effort.

Then she corrected me. Turns out that I had reached for a $20 bill and instead gave her a $50 bill. I handed it to her and walked out. Keep the change. I did find it odd that she asked me multiple times if I was sure I wanted to give her such a big tip. Thinking it was just $5 and feeling sorry so many old people stiff her all day long, I smiled at her, waved and left.

I usually never carry $50 bills, but I had just sold something on Craigslist and was cash heavy that day. I wonder how much good came out of the accidental tip. I didn’t even notice the shortfall.

Photo by Flickr user TZA