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Fitness Lessons for 2018

I thought I’d do a round-up of the most important fitness and nutrition lessons that I learned in 2018.

Fasting Mimicking Diet / Protein Cycling Diet

This is the year I started experimenting with the FMD / Protein Cycling Diet, … [continue reading]

A Fast Way to Thaw Frozen Stock

Every so often I’ll get inspired to make a dish that requires stock before I have time to pull one out of the freezer. When this happens, I create a little warm water bath for the jar inside the sink. … [continue reading]

Celery Resurrection

I love celery, but it annoys me how quickly it loses it crunch and goes limp. The trick to bringing celery back from the dead is to soak the stalks in cold water. For a while I was doing 30 … [continue reading]

Lesson on Freezing Canning Jars

For the past year I’ve been trying to figure out the mystery on why some of the glass canning jars I put in the freezer shatter and others don’t. At first I thought I overfilled the jars with too much … [continue reading]

Intermittent Fasting – Mistakes I’ve Made

It has been a little over 3 years since I started the practice of Intermittent Fasting. On the list of positive steps I’ve taken to improve my health, only removing wheat has yielded greater benefits. As great as … [continue reading]

Moving Up The Leanness Levels

In the post Leanness Defined, I went over the 4 Levels of Leanness defined by Christian Thibaudeau and Chris Shugart. I also added a level. They are:

  • Level 0 – You are mostly lean, but your abs arent quite
[continue reading]