The Easiest Fitness Debate I’ve Ever Won

I can’t believe I forgot to post this story. This summer I was discussing fitness with a pal of mine. My pal is in his mid-20s and a fellow ectomorph. Some of my ideas are not widely accepted in the fitness community, but if there is one thing I know more than anything else is how to train a stick boy.

Anyway, as we were talking another guy sat down and joined the conversation. This guy was a super stick boy. Most stick boys would look at him and think – damn that guy is scrawny. My pal asked me about doing cardio and I responded with cardio is for girls.

Before I could explain, super stick boy interrupted me and went off on how wrong I was. During a pause that probably seemed longer than it was, I thought about how I could easily explain that cardio was unnecessary and how it would suppress testosterone vital to building muscle. How could I explain elevated cortisol levels and how the needs of ectomorph are different? How could I condense 15 years of training experience into the fewest words possible? Then it came to me.

I leaned toward super stick boy and pointed my hands at him like he was the first grand prize on the Price of Right. Then I leaned back and held my hands up like I was the second grand prize of the Showcase Showdown. I didn’t say a single word. The choice was clear. My pal busted up laughing. It was the easiest fitness debate I’ve ever won.

NOTE: I really don’t believe cardio is for girls. Girls should avoid cardio too. Cardio is for endurance athletes. You lean out in the kitchen, not on a treadmill.

2019 UPDATE: 👨‍⚖️Rendering a Verdict on Cardio


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  1. This is interesting. What is your take on the need (or lack of need) for cardiac fitness?

  2. Excellent question. Too much for a comment post. I will post a new blog on your question later this week.

  3. Cool! Looking forward to it.

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