No milestones today. I thought for sure I was going to nail Good status on the pull-ups. Nope.

  1. Pull-Ups – I needed 20 to move from Decent to Good. I got 17, which is a new personal record, but still 3 shy of Good. Darn high-reps! I have set a new goal to do a 100 pound weighted pull-up sometime in 2009. I might have to get MacGyver with the equipment at my Glitter Gym to pull that off. 🙂
  2. Leg Press – Last week I started this exercise with 135 and 185. No soreness, so this week I did 225 and 275. Slow and steady.
  3. EZ Bicep Curl – In Part 2, I speculated that with my tiny wrists I would probably never get a Good score of 135 pounds. Today I raised my poundage to 100. Who knows, maybe Good is possible?
  4. Monster Moves – I’m going to refer to the squat, dead lift and bent rows as the monster moves. They all take place in the cage and like a monster, they tend to be loud. These are the ones I need to go slow and steady or I’ll get injured. Progress here will take months, not weeks. And being injury free is more important to me than being Decent.

My 2008 Training Scorecard remains at 7/12 Decent.