The Quest To Be Decent Part 3

As predicted in Part 2, I nailed the Dips. I focused on three exercises today.

  1. Dips – Have I mentioned how much I loathe high repetition training? But I really want to be Decent, so I needed to hit 20 reps. After completing the 20 reps, I grabbed a weight belt and resumed my low-rep weighted dips.
  2. Bench Press – My only Decent bench press was back in May 2007. I’m more of a incline dumbbell guy, so I’m just starting to revisit the classic flat barbell bench press. Today I benched my weight (200) for 3 reps. Since I work out in a Glitter Gym, it will be tough finding someone to spot me as I approach 225.
  3. Skull Crusher – Added 5 more pounds to this ridiculous exercise. I’ve already hit Decent and think that Good is possible by spring.

My 2008 Training Scorecard is now 7/12 Decent. Looking at the table I’m guessing it will be several weeks before I hit another Decent milestone. However, my first Good score is within reach on the Pull-Ups.


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  1. Hey Michael, are you sure you want to continue to do these exercises you loathe, find ridiculous or decide whether you are strong by someone else’s rules? Is it a satisfaction initiative?

  2. It is a Quest, it shouldn’t be easy or comfortable.

    Most of the exercises I have no problem with. I diss high-rep training, but doing every now and then isn’t going to hurt me.

    The only 2 exercises I’m concerned about are the squat and deadlift. My back injury of 2007 still haunts me. I will take these very slowly and not sacrifice safety.

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