Sign of the Times – The Counter Offer

As deflationary pressure builds in the economy, cash becomes more valuable. It goes to reason that those with cash are now in a strong position to ask for a better deal. I have cash and like everyone else, I’d like a better deal. I decided to start making Counter Offers when confronted with a request for my cash.

I’ve been to Tijuana and Paraguay. I know how this game is played. Let the fun begin.

  1. Gym Membership – If you have a membership with a big name gym with an 800 phone number, I encourage you to call up and cancel your membership. When asked why you wish to cancel, tell them times are tough and you need to save money. They will almost certainly cut you some deal. If they don’t, you are always free to hang up and try again next month. I detailed this a while back in the post Glitter Gym Hijinks. Anyway, my current gym would not budge on price (too many New Years customers), so I asked them to extend my 3 month membership by 2 weeks. They did. That is 15% free, just for asking. Score!
  2. VOIP – My phone company Vonage did something very dumb. They sent me a direct mail offering me 2 months of free service if I come back and restart service. This was dumb, because I never left. So I called them up and asked to cancel my service. When they asked why, I told them so I could rejoin and get 2 months free with the offer I received in the mail. They kindly offered me 2 months free when I pointed this out to them. Score!
  3. Satellite Radio – My 4 year membership with XM was finally up. Now I love XM dearly, but I wasn’t about to let them know. I called up to cancel. I told them I like the service, but the online player has acted up since the merger (true) and the price is too high. They offered me a 50% rate reduction to extend for 1 year. Score!

I was 3 for 3 this week. When someone asks for your cash, make them a Counter Offer. Be prepared to hang up or walk away. The worst they can say is no.


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  1. Sweet! I’m going to start thinking…

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