Leaves Are Falling All Around, It’s Time I Was On My Way

Last June I posted a Moving Scorecard where I tallied up 18 addresses in the last 20 years. Well, it is almost certain that I will be living at yet another address. My lease ends on May 1st and I’m thinking – it is time to move. My current place is OK, but I’m paying way too much for a small space.

What City?

I am staying in Seattle.



Although my ranking could change once I start looking seriously, here are my favorite Seattle neighborhoods for living.

  1. Upper Queen Anne
  2. Phinney Ridge / Greenwood
  3. Ballard
  4. Magnolia
  5. Green Lake

I love Fremont, but it is too loud and crowded for someone like me with an early bedtime. Since I lack tattoos and a heroin addiction, I can rule out all but the North edge of Capital Hill. 😆 As for downtown, way too loud. I did downtown living in San Diego and got it out of my system. Wallingford is fine, but 45th is too congested for me.

The Important List

  • Quiet
  • Safe Parking
  • Larger kitchen
  • Larger living room
  • Patio or yard for grilling / coffee roasting
  • Easy parking for visitors
  • Close to a Gym
  • W/D in unit or very close

The Nice To Have List

  • View
  • Yard For Gardening
  • Close to Basketball Court
  • Close to Trader Joes
  • Cheap


Add yours

  1. I wouldn’t overlook lower QA. I have a full Sound view, quietness, and can walk to and from downtown in minutes. The trifecta.

  2. There are some parts of lower QA that I like. My biggest concern there is the parking.

  3. Mike D –
    I love your web design. You may have the best looking blog I’ve ever seen. Very nice!

  4. I agree with MAS, Mike D, about your blog. I particularly like how you incorporate your tweets on the sidebar. Are you using WordPress?

  5. Bah, just make sure parking comes with your place. My building is a condo but even the people who rent get to park in the underground garage.

    Thanks for the props on the redesign. It’s all powered by WordPress but I’m also importing a lot of peripheral shit from Delicious, Tumblr, and other places.

  6. MAS, how about a single family home? Could probably get an affordable 2 br meeting all your needs (possibly maybe even get an option on it).

  7. I would love a single family home. It would be great having a yard where I can grill and garden.

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