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Move Called Off – Staying in Queen Anne

I changed my mind and accepted an offer to extend my lease for 6 months with a 5% reduction in rent. I’m sure I could have found a cheaper place, but my back injury made me reassess the move.

For … [continue reading]

Updating the Moving Scorecard Again

When my building decided to raise my rent 3.5%, I let them know that they were in denial on the current state of the Seattle rental market. This is not 2008. Rents are falling everywhere in Seattle. I told my … [continue reading]

Leaves Are Falling All Around, It’s Time I Was On My Way

Last June I posted a Moving Scorecard where I tallied up 18 addresses in the last 20 years. Well, it is almost certain that I will be living at yet another address. My lease ends on May 1st and I’m … [continue reading]

Moving Scorecard

How many times have I moved in the last 20 years? Let us count.

1988 – 1994 – The Ohio State era (7)
1994 – 1998 – Tampa Bay era (4)
1998 – 2000 – DC Metro era (2)
2000 … [continue reading]

Eight Months in Seattle

Last April Kelli came down to San Diego and said some nice things about Seattle. Prior to that visit, I had never even thought about Seattle. After a visit and some research, we decided to move to Seattle. Both Melissa … [continue reading]

Release Me California

Dear Arnold,
Once again I must remind you that I’ve moved to Washington. I’m not paying to have Silver Surfer registered another year in the Peoples Republic of California. I’ve signed two documents already stating as such. I thought this … [continue reading]