Happy Anniversary Pain

I wasn’t even holding any weight when I felt the spasm today. Despite a week of back pain, I slammed some espresso and went to the gym this morning. My old nemesis – the back spasm – grabbed me hard. I had just enough time to get home and take painkillers. Now I can’t move. The painkillers aren’t working.

Ironic that it was almost exactly 2 years ago that I experienced something similar. Thankfully, the 2007 incident was much worse.

Time for more painkillers.

I need a strategy to conquer back pain. That is for another post, I don’t have the strength to address comments at this time.


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  1. I can recommend a great chiropractor that has done wonders for my back, MAS. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. I’m sorry you are in pain, yet again ):

  3. one word, MAS. acupuncture.

    I was on a shoot 10 days ago and hopped off a rock and had a HORRIBLE spasm shooting pain up my back and into my hips and thighs. Excruciating.

    Prescribed pain meds and flexoril did NOTHING but make me a bit happier.

    my friend recommended her acupuncturist (who also uses chiropractic and massage techniques). i had my fourth visit yesterday and am 90% healed. I’d say I was a good 30% better after the first visit.

    Find one. It’s really incredible.

  4. Aviva – Thanks.

    Yesterday I had a 90 minute deep tissue massage that also had a lot of acupressure. Not acupuncture, but it I believe it is a similar principle.

    It worked great. My back is much better.

    Now the challenge will be preventing future problems.

  5. You are still only treating the symptoms and not the root cause, MAS. I was going by my chiropractor’s office on the day you posted this and I asked her for her opinion.

    Her analysis based on the limited info that I provided: You have probably damaged or displaced a disk in your back. Since you exercise a lot, the muscles in your back compensate for the weakness in your spine up to a certain point but they can only do so much for so long and then you have a relapse. The need for pain-killers on an ongoing basis is a dead giveaway, you are getting used to the pain but you will also develop a tolerance to them and will need more each time to get the same relief. Back surgery or correction through regular chiropractic treatments are the only ways to ensure that you can continue to lead an active lifestyle long-term.

  6. I exaggerate my pain killer usage. Actually, I take very little. I did confirm yesterday that I do not have a slipped disc.

    My experiences with chiropractors have not been positive. Too much for a blog comment, but perhaps we can discuss this Friday.

    Your point about the root causes is dead on right. I believe it stems from a strength imbalance. My right side is much stronger than the left, but my balance is better on the left. So the weaker side compensates for the stronger side. Not good.

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