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Understanding My Bias Against Cardio

One of my favorite podcasts is Masters In Business from Bloomberg by Barry Ritholtz. The show is a collection of interviews with some of the brightest and most successful people in finance. (side note: Ritholtz actually left a comment on [continue reading]

An Update on My Knee Pain – Plus Tips You Can Use

My last update related to my knee pain was in January. For months, I have had nothing new to share. I was making no progress with physical therapy. Then I found a video that provided a clue, which sent … [continue reading]

My Bizarre Injury – 4 Months Later

In November, I posted on My Bizarre Injury. The short version:

  • During some light stretching in September, I strained my hamstring.
  • Then a month or so later, I began feeling knee pain in both knees.

For two months now, … [continue reading]

The 3 Types of Fitness Conversations

The other day, I was thinking about the endless number of fitness articles and conversations that I’ve been exposed to over the last 20+ years. I believe that they all can fall into just 3 categories.

  1. Before You Exercise
  2. While
[continue reading]

Nutrition for Injuries

Thanks to a tip from Pauline, I read the latest book by Lyle McDonald titled Optimal Nutrition for Injury Recovery.

Optimal Nutrition for Injury

Optimal Nutrition for Injury Recovery (Amazon USA, Amazon UK, Amazon Canada

This was an interesting … [continue reading]

My Bizarre Injury

Early in the morning of September 19th, I was doing some light stretching. For a few months, I had been doing light yoga maybe 3-5 times a week. I would go to YouTube and look for videos related to yoga … [continue reading]