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Understanding My Bias Against Cardio

One of my favorite podcasts is Masters In Business from Bloomberg by Barry Ritholtz. The show is a collection of interviews with some of the brightest and most successful people in finance. (side note: Ritholtz actually left a comment on [continue reading]

An Update on My Knee Pain – Plus Tips You Can Use

My last update related to my knee pain was in January. For months, I have had nothing new to share. I was making no progress with physical therapy. Then I found a video that provided a clue, which sent … [continue reading]

My Bizarre Injury – 4 Months Later

In November, I posted on My Bizarre Injury. The short version:

  • During some light stretching in September, I strained my hamstring.
  • Then a month or so later, I began feeling knee pain in both knees.

For two months now, … [continue reading]

The 3 Types of Fitness Conversations

The other day, I was thinking about the endless number of fitness articles and conversations that I’ve been exposed to over the last 20+ years. I believe that they all can fall into just 3 categories.

  1. Before You Exercise
  2. While
[continue reading]

Nutrition for Injuries

Thanks to a tip from Pauline, I read the latest book by Lyle McDonald titled Optimal Nutrition for Injury Recovery.

Optimal Nutrition for Injury

Optimal Nutrition for Injury Recovery

This was an interesting book because I learned I had not been thinking properly … [continue reading]

My Bizarre Injury

Early in the morning of September 19th, I was doing some light stretching. For a few months, I had been doing light yoga maybe 3-5 times a week. I would go to YouTube and look for videos related to yoga … [continue reading]