My Cheap Camera Tripod Rocks!

I got a cheap little tripod for my camera and I am very pleased.


Photo “Take me to your leader!” by Flickr user shawnmebo

The tripod is just $10 on Amazon and easily screws into that hole on the bottom of most compact digital cameras. I think my photos have gotten better with the tripod.


Photo taken using my $10 Vidpro Gripster on a 2-second timer

Well worth the $10 I spent.

Vidpro Gripster Camera Tripod GP-10 For Compact Digital Cameras


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  1. And what service does the adhesive tape on the camera provide? 🙂

  2. The camera has a broken part. The tape keeps the battery from flying out.

  3. now you might want to spend a few bucks fixing the camera battery door there….

  4. “a few bucks”? Scotch tape is only 50 cents. 😉

  5. Ordered one of these for my Dec trip today 🙂 Very cute and cool..

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