Learning From the Espresso Master

Recently I got a hold of a copy of the definitive handbook for espresso preparation. It is hard to believe this book was written back in 1996. Why is the rest of the country outside of the Pacific Northwest still clueless when it comes to espresso? Read this book.

Espresso Coffee: Professional Techniques
Espresso Coffee: Professional Techniques is by David C. Schomer, who is the founder of Espresso Vivace up here in Seattle. This book goes step by step breaking down every variable involved in the preparation of espresso. Water pressure, grinders, dosing, packing, pulling and even latte art is covered.

I make espresso at home with my Silvia and Rocky. Using some tips I learned in this book, my shots are getting even better. I’ve tightened up my grind a little more. I am now getting a slow rolling hang on my espresso. The result is a sweeter and more delicious espresso.

Schomer on Espresso Style:

First and always foremost: All information is geared to making an espresso that is characterized by a heavy red-brown syrup called crema. This crema features an intense coffee flavor that is free of bitterness. Ideally, espresso should taste like freshly ground coffee smells. Texture is featured always, and should feel like a pair of velvet pajamas wrapped around your tongue.

Velvet pajamas wrapped around your tongue. Brilliant.

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  1. This is a FANTASTIC book for anyone wanting to understand the basics of espresso. Immediately after buying my first espresso machine (a Rancillio Ms Silvia), I got this book along with a Vivace tamper. Shorlty after getting the book, I went back and got the DVD so I could SEE how these practices were done.

    The book and/or DVD should be mandatory learning materials for every single espresso shop owner. If every shop had to learn this stuff and pass a test based on it, we’d have decent coffee everywhere and charbucks would no longer be viewed as the “gold standard” when it comes to espresso drinks.

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