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Espresso Hike #3 – Capitol Hill to Pioneer Square

Last year the Coffee Club of Seattle did two Espresso Hikes that were huge hits. The members were ready for another one and the weather was nice, so this past Sunday we did Espresso Hike #3. We met Sunday morning … [continue reading]

Reaching Out to the 3 Types of Seattle Coffee Drinkers

I consider myself to be the self appointed Coffee Ambassador for Seattle. Having lived in the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, South Florida and Southern California, I realize how much better the coffee is in Seattle than the rest of the country. … [continue reading]

Espresso Vivace Dolce Now Without Robusta

Last week I learned that Espresso Vivace has removed the robusta component of their Dolce espresso blend. This may not mean much to you, but to me this is like changing the Coke formula. You don’t mess with perfection. From … [continue reading]

Learning From the Espresso Master

Recently I got a hold of a copy of the definitive handbook for espresso preparation. It is hard to believe this book was written back in 1996. Why is the rest of the country outside of the Pacific Northwest still … [continue reading]