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Static Contraction Training

John Little is one of my favorite writers in the fitness field. He co-wrote the definitive fitness book Body by Science. Recently, I listen to an outstanding interview with him on High Intensity Nation. In the interview he discussed … [continue reading]

The Goblet Squat

Let me tell you about my new favorite exercise. It is called the Goblet Squat and I think you are going to like this one. Grab a dumbbell, kettlebell or even a gallon jug of water. Hold it up to … [continue reading]

Is Slow Motion Weight Training Superior?

In January I read two books that advocated using a super slow movement while weight training. One of the books was awful and one was outstanding. I ended my review of the second book with this statement:

Will I

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Body By Science

This is an outstanding book that challenged many of my beliefs about weight training.

Body by Science
Body by Science by Doug McGuff and John Little makes a damn good case for super slow weight training. As I stated in a previous post[continue reading]

Elephant Training in Chiang Mai, Thailand

There are at least two ways to ride an elephant in Thailand. One is to do a trek. They put you up on a mini bench and two can ride seated side by side. That is what I planned to … [continue reading]

The Ectomorphs Dilemma

About 10 years ago, I came up with a phrase to best describe the choice ectomorphs must make when pursing their fitness goals. Before diving into the topic, review the image below to show the different somatypes.


Image from How [continue reading]