Slow (Brewed) Coffee at Seattle Coffee Works

During my Vancouver trip, I made a visit to the 49th Parallel Cafe. In addition to the normally served espresso drinks and a vat of brewed coffee, they also had slower brewed coffee options. The French press, vac-pot and a cool looking cold brewed coffee system. These are not the drinks you order as you are rushing to work. These coffee drinks are for later in the day. I believe 49th Parallel had a sign stating they started serving the slow brewed coffee options at 10 AM. Look at the setup in the photo below.

The 49th Parallel Cafe in Vancouver, BC.

After leaving 49th, I headed back to Seattle wishing we had a similar option. My wish was granted a week later when Seattle Coffee Works moved to their new location next door and started a slow-brewed coffee bar. They too now offer the french press, vac-pot coffee, and a cold brew coffee system.

Cold brewed coffee system at Seattle Coffee Works (107 Pike St)

The coffee scene continues to improve in Seattle.


Seattle Coffee Works – Official site.

Coffee City – Seattle Times post on the new Seattle Coffee Works.

Vancouver Espresso Vacation – INeedCoffee article on my espresso vacation in Vancouver, BC.


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  1. Those are some of the craziest coffee machines that I’ve ever seen. I can say that none of the coffee shops around here have anything like that.

  2. Alex Scofield

    Jun 20, 2009 — 9:38 pm

    Ditto here, but I have a intrastate road trip planned this week, and plan on making a pilgrimage to a coffeehouse that I’ve heard has a freaky, one-of-a-kind machine. Fear not, I *will* report back. ; )

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