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Just when I thought I was invincible, I got my first cold in 18+ months. To say I am stunned would be an understatement. I’ve been getting plenty of sleep and eating a wide variety of healthy food. The kicker is that I wasn’t around anyone this week that was sick. I am a detective without any clues.

Photo 33/365 Down with the Sickness by Svenstorm

Unlike my previous colds, I seem to be progressing through the symptoms much faster than before. Sleep has been tough, but I am loading up on the anti-viral foods (garlic, onions, peppers). I am taking absolutely no medicine, as I do not want the drugs to interfere with the body’s natural methods of healing. By tomorrow, I should be OK.


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  1. Too weird, MAS, I’m having the same issue though in my case it could be a combination of fatigue, insomnia and being around too many sick people in the last week. I feel crappy today but it feels sort of like the reaction from a flu shot. I thought the IF made me invincible as well but could mild symptoms still occur and be in reaction to a new virus strain and building immunity?
    I agree with the lack of medication, though a stiff brandy with honey and hot water really helps 🙂

  2. I did a bonus IF yesterday to see if I could starve the cold, like one does for a flu. No luck.

    Tonight I’ll make a spicy curry loaded with veggies. Now if I could just sleep for more than 2 hours straight.

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