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Project Super Immunity Was a Failure

This winter I decided to go all out on an effort to boost my immunity so I would not get sick. It failed miserably. I had more sick days this winter than any year in the past decade with the … [continue reading]

Recovering From the Flu

The flu hit me hard about a day after my Feeling Destructive post. My guess is the poor mood I exhibited in that post was probably because I was already coming down with something, but didn’t realize it yet. The … [continue reading]

The Food Poisoning Diet

I’m interrupting my blog vacation to tell you about an amazing diet that I stumbled upon. You can lay in bed all weekend, sleep most of it if you like and lose weight! Absolutely no exercise required. No special supplements … [continue reading]

Low Kimchi = Low Immunity

In the post Hunting Headaches: Remaining Suspects in Early 2012, I listed a few ideas to test that might be causing my late night headaches. Idea #2 was histamines in food. It is unfortunate that histamines are in fermented [continue reading]

Patterns in Sick People

What reignited my passion for nutrition in June 2007 had nothing to do with fat loss or food intolerance. It all started with me getting sick. I was living in San Diego and I just came down with a brutal … [continue reading]

No Longer a Gym Germaphobe

I was just thinking today at the gym on how I no longer worry about catching some germ during my workouts. For a few years it was a concern of mine. From the post My 10 Gym Tips For 2010[continue reading]