Morning Workouts and Productivity

I don’t think I mentioned it yet, but I’ve started another 2 week free trial pass to a Ballard gym. I’ve been there twice and I already have two Tales From the Glitter Gym stories in the queue. Those tales will have to wait, this post is about morning workouts and later day productivity.

Does working out in the morning increase productivity for later in the day? I really think it depends. If someone is completely untrained, a morning workout will leave them tired and perhaps sore. Not ideal if you have a full day of work planned. Things such as a brisk walk or a few push-ups I think would increase productivity. Just enough to get the heart pumping and get focused on the day’s project. As one becomes more conditioned, one should be able to workout more in the morning without negatively affecting the rest of the day.

I tend to favor morning workouts. Today I decided I would try and brand new program. My Ballard Glitter Gym has a bunch of Hammer Strength machines. Now usually I only do free weight, but I thought I’d mix it up. Monday would be my HammerTime workout. I’d just do Hammer Strength machines. As I mentioned in the post Tall Guys and the Bench Press Solution, Hammer Strength machines are a safe way to lift as much weight as you can. And I did. I just kept loading plates until I couldn’t push anymore. On a cumulative pound basis, I don’t think I’ve ever lifted more in a single workout.

All my project plans for today had to shelved. HammerTime kicked my ass. My morning workout shredded my afternoon productivity. Even this blog post is probably rambling and incoherent.


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  1. At my glitter gym, they have some TechnoGym equipment. Funny, because they also play a lot of bad techno…but anyways….

    I’d been working around the gym hitting different areas the past few weeks. Yesterday I did a circuit on all TechnoGym equipment for the first time.

    I was impressed by TechnoGym. Movement was natural, resistance was uniform and I pushed my weight limits. Normally I’d prefer free weights but I can see that gym equipment has come a long way.

    While nothing beats pushing heavy objects around for clearing your head, I will definitely be pumping up the jams on TechnoGym (I’m so sorry).

  2. Your cat reminded me of this video on youtube. Its pretty funny..

  3. Sounds like a kick-ass workout! I’ve never been a good morning-person when it comes to workouts. Evenings or late afternoon are best. I do like a good walk/hike or other light activities in the morning, though.

    These hammer machines sound great. Being able to challenge yourself with as much weight as possible without being encumbered with a spotter is da bomb!


  4. Today I woke up feeling a slight deep soreness. Nothing I can’t handle. I think I’ll make HammerTime my first workout each week and do free weights for the second.

    I also stepped away from my 5×5 (5 sets of 5 reps) for the Hammer. I did 12, 8, 4, 2, 1, with increasing weight.

  5. Stuart –
    I approve of hard rock and dance music for gyms. It is the John Mayer, Dave Matthews crap that annoys me.

    Your gym looks cool, except that damn TV. TVs have no place in the gym. Nothing is worse than waiting for some equipment while some meathead is staring at sports scores.

  6. Korn, Rob Zombie, NiN, Marilyn Manson are what I usually play in my basement weight workouts. I’ve got an older computer down there with a decent speaker system and will also put on a pandora mix with electronica at times or even some eminem. Ironically, I won’t listen to most of this music outside of the workout.

  7. We think alike. When I had a home gym, I saved my Manson mix for weight training only. If I wanted to hear it, I had to lift. It was the perfect motivation. 🙂

  8. Your comment on “perfect motivation” reminded me of something I learned in a really interesting class that I took this week, MAS. It’s called “Influencer: The Power to Change Anything” (book link:

  9. TigerAl –
    I just added Influencer to my ever growing reading list. 🙂

  10. I’d be interested to hear if you ever read Muscle Logic EDT.

    It goes along well with your workout posts. I read it a while back and ripped it in a review (mostly my own fault for not doing it right), but I picked it up again recently and those workouts, when done correctly, definitely get the job done. EDT workouts are much better than the ol’ 3×10 sets.

  11. I’ve seen articles on it over at T-Muscle, but have not read the book. The Amazon reviews stress many sets of low-reps. If that is the case then I’m on board. Pavel had a program called The Russian Bear that sounds similar.

    I am a HUGE fan of high-weight and low-rep for strength. For size, increase the sets.

  12. Stuart –
    I just read some more on EDT and its claims for fat loss.

    The exercises they recommend will increase your GH (growth hormone) levels, which will increase fat burning. However, if you limp away from the workout craving carbs, you’ll be tempted into insulin spiking foods. That will shutdown the fat burning. So you either need super discipline or just dial back the intensity to the point where the carb cravings are manageable.

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