South 47 Farm and Corn Maze

If my Seattle peeps need a fun way to spend an afternoon with the family, head out to Redmond and visit the South 47 Farm. They have crops you can pick, animals to pet and a huge corn maze. They actually carved up a full maze covering 5.5 acres in a corn field. The maze has shortcuts, clues, hidden signs and many dead ends. Good times!






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  1. Could just be me, but the photos aren’t showing up.

  2. Damn IE. I don’t know why Internet Explorer can’t see SmugMug photos. I had this same problem with my Vancouver posts.

  3. Fixed. Looks like Smugmug won’t allow me to embed an 600 pixel width image at 80% width. I wish SmugMug had a 500 pixel width image like Flickr. 🙁

  4. Smugmug has an external link setting that was turned to NO. Fixed now.

  5. We actually went here today… the kids had fun …probably would have been better in dry weather though! 🙂

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