I’m going to take a break from my normal exposure of Glitter Gym stupidity and instead devote this issue to three people I saw today at the gym that I respect.

The Butch Bad Ass

There was a woman with short cropped red hair about 50 in the free weight room that earned my respect right away. She was slinging around some serious dumbbells. She sported a tattoo on her arm, which was clearly visible, because she was wearing a muscle shirt. At one point I saw her grab a 35 pound dumbbell in each arm and do Farmers Walks. No walking lunges with 5 pound pink dumbbells. Real Farmers Walks! And she was wearing Nike Free shoes, not the unsafe running shoes.

Big Dude in the Free Weight Room

I love it when the really big people ignore the treadmills and venture into the free weight room. Conventional wisdom tells the fat person that they need to do lots of cardio to get lean. Of course that is false. You can only get lean in the kitchen. Exhausting yourself on a treadmill will just increase your hunger cravings, which will make fat loss near impossible.

A guy over 300 pounds that was maybe 5’10 bypassed the stationary bikes and treadmills and instead decided to lift weights. He didn’t lift a lot of weight. I think he was benching 115 pounds. He did different free weight exercises, never going to exhaustion or using poor form. Slow and steady. This guy will be successful.

The Princess?

One young girl looked like every other girl in the free weight room. Hair pulled back, make-up on and wearing the latest in fashionable fitness wear. Then she went over to the flat bench and started knocking out reps of 65 pounds, which is pretty good for most women. Pretty good, but how did she earn my respect? She wasn’t wearing gloves. Most women and an alarming number of men these days wear gloves when they lift weights. They sacrifice safety in lifting to keep their hands silky smooth. She didn’t. I respect that.

There you have it. See I can be nice. Future editions will returning to my normal rants.