Chiang Mai, Thailand

It seems I missed a post. I posted about the cool things I did in Chiang Mai, such as the Thai cooking class, elephant training and playing with tigers, but I didn’t mention the town itself. Chiang Mai was just my speed. Even though I loved exploring Bangkok, I prefered the much smaller city of Chiang Mai.

We arrived in Chiang Mai via an overnight train.


The food was stellar. Not just the Thai food. There was an amazing Mediterranean restaurant and possibly the best Indian food I have ever had was at Royal India Restaurant. The proprietor came out and offered to cook us a meal and if we didn’t like it, we didn’t have to pay. We liked it so much, we came back the next day.


The only thing keeping Chiang Mai from being one stop Thailand destination is that it is land locked, so you won’t find a beach here. Since I get bored of the beach quickly, Chiang Mai was perfect for me.


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  1. charlie @ Best Hotel Bangkok

    Jan 10, 2010 — 9:33 pm

    I agree with you. The beach doesn’t really do it for me for long as I like to be active, and Chiang Mai has so much going on that you will never get bored.

  2. I am absolutly in love with Chiang Mai. It is easily my favorite city in the world! To tell you the truth, I will probably end up setteling down there:)

    There is just sooo much to do, and it still has a lot of cultural charm. You will find that the best trekking in Thailand is found around Chiang Mai. And you can forget about the Tiger Temple just outside of Bangkok, the Tiger Kingdom (just outside the city) is million times better!

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