I Graduated From Starbucks Coffee College

Last month I got invited to Starbucks headquarters to attend a two day Coffee College. You know I couldn’t pass up this opportunity. I posted my full report in the article Starbucks Coffee College over on INeedCoffee.

Now I am not exactly known for being a Starbucks fan, but I am also not a hater. My position on Starbucks is that it was part of my coffee journey years ago, but I’ve moved on to better quality. I prefer espresso to regular coffee and prefer lighter roasters over darker. That is why I tend to only visit Starbucks when I’m far away from Seattle.

During the two days, I was able to guide my fellow students to better coffee shops. Their hotel put them in walking distance of Trabant, Stella and Seattle Coffee Works. I made certain that a few of them left Seattle knowing we are capable of better coffee than Starbucks.

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