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The Best Coffee in Downtown Seattle (2010)

I recently got an email from someone planning on visiting Seattle this summer.

We are planning our first trip to Seattle this weekend and obviously a trip to a couple coffee shops is in order. We’re wondering if you could

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Starbucks Shrugged and Zoka Fights Back

Starbucks threw in the towel and announced that they will start offering free WiFi starting July 1st. From Starbucks: Free Wi-fi at 6,700 U.S. sites by Ashley M. Heher:

Starbucks Corp. will begin offering unlimited free Wi-Fi at all of

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I Graduated From Starbucks Coffee College

Last month I got invited to Starbucks headquarters to attend a two day Coffee College. You know I couldn’t pass up this opportunity. I posted my full report in the article Starbucks Coffee College over on INeedCoffee.

Now I am

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That Time I Got a Cease and Desist From Starbucks

With all the talk about the new Starbucks location opening up that will serve alcoholic drinks, I think this story is relevant.

Way back in 2001, INeedCoffee published a collection of Espresso Martini recipes. One drink recipe used a Starbucks … [continue reading]

Reaching Out to the 3 Types of Seattle Coffee Drinkers

I consider myself to be the self appointed Coffee Ambassador for Seattle. Having lived in the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, South Florida and Southern California, I realize how much better the coffee is in Seattle than the rest of the country. … [continue reading]

15th Avenue Coffee and Tea – First Impressions

Ever heard of the saying “Taking one for the team“? The Urban Dictionary defines it as:

The act of someone willingly making a sacrifice for the benefit of others.

On Monday, I took one for the team. … [continue reading]