Seattle’s Disloyalty Card

Seattle now has something called a Disloyalty Card, which is an idea to promote the independent coffee shop. The idea started in London and the way it works is you visit the ten coffee shops on the card. At each place, order and drink and receive a stamp. When the card is completed (10 stamps), you can redeem it for a free drink at the place you choose.

I love the idea of getting coffee fans outside their comfort zone and trying new places. This is exactly what the Coffee Club of Seattle has been promoting for almost four years now. In a given month we may visit 3 to 5 independent coffee shops around the Seattle metro area.

The 10 Coffee Shops on the Seattle Disloyalty Card

Coffee ShopNeighborhoodRoaster
Aster Coffee LoungeBallardIntelligentsia / Stumptown
Equal Exchange EspressoBallardEqual Exchange (Oregon)
Fonte Coffee RoastersDowntownFonte
Herkimer CoffeePhinney, UniversityHerkimer
Makeda CoffeeGreenwood7 Roasters
Neptune CoffeeGreenwoodNeptune
Porchlight CoffeeCapitol HillHerkimer
Tougo CoffeeCentral, Lake UnionStumptown
Trabant CoffeeUniversity, Pioneer Square49th Parallel (BC)
Urban Coffee LoungeKirklandStumptown

You should be able to pick up your Disloyalty Card from any of those locations. I’m already halfway done with my first card!


Local coffeehouses offer disloyalty card, encourage customers to shop around – Coffee City story detailing how the Seattle Disloyalty Card got started.


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  1. Great post. I am starting to complete my Disloyalty Card as well. Like the list of roasters that shows the variety of coffees at the various shops. Maybe a crawl based on the card in the near future?

  2. @Mark – Good idea. I’ll work on something for June.

  3. It seems Aster has added Stumptown to their line up.

  4. Wasn’t Tougo also offering Ritual besides Stumptown?

  5. I am not sure if Stumptown will be a permanent addition to ASTER. I need to get over there to find out.

    I am not sure what is happening at Tougo. Each time I went for Ritual, it wasn’t available.

    Today I checked off Herkimer.

  6. Two friends of mine just completed all ten in two days during their trip from Portland. It’s a great idea and makes for a great weekend out of town.

  7. When I was at Aster for the Why Not? post, I was lead to believe they were going to have Stumptown on their menu from that day on. Any news if that’s true?

  8. @Alex – Not sure. Beth is committed to using Black Cat for espresso. It does appear Stumptown has replaced NOVO, so I’ll update the chart. The Coffee club is going there on Sunday, so I’ll find out if that change is permanent. Thanks.

  9. @Alex – I talked to Beth at Aster. She is getting more NOVO, but she also likes Stumptown. We will probably see both there.

  10. Not sure if they are still doing this, but Im heading to Seattle in a few weeks and would love to try out some new joints. I did visit the Astor Coffee lounge, but would like to try out the new ones.

  11. @JR – I haven’t seen the cards displayed around town this year. They just started one for the Eastside of Seattle.

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