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My 3 Favorites – Disloyality Card Round #1

Today I completed my first Disloyalty Card. The Disloyalty Card lists 10 independent coffee shops in the Seattle area. Before I announce my favorite three, I will say that I didn’t have a single bad espresso.

  1. Urban Coffee Lounge
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Seattle’s Disloyalty Card

Seattle now has something called a Disloyalty Card, which is an idea to promote the independent coffee shop. The idea started in London and the way it works is you visit the ten coffee shops on the card. At … [continue reading]

Latte Art Etching From Makeda Coffee

One of the great coffee secrets of Seattle is a little shop in the Greenwood area called Makeda Coffee. This dog-friendly coffee shop uses beans from 7 Roasters. Even though Seattle has a lot of great coffee places, … [continue reading]