Tales From the Glitter Gym – The Trouble With Tribbles

Probably the most memorable episode of the original Star Trek was The Trouble With Tribbles. This is the one where the crew starts adopting furry little creatures called Tribbles for pets. They are so adorable, what could be the trouble? The Tribbles reproduce at an extremely rapid rate and soon the ship is filled with them.

What does this have to do with the Glitter Gym? I submit to you that the Swiss Ball is the Tribble of the free weight room. When they first made their appearance they were cute and there were just a few. Harmless fun. Now I swear that every time I go back to the gym there are more Swiss Balls. I really think they are reproducing.

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What happened to the free weight room? It is a sad farce of what it used to be. These silly toys have a benefit, but keep them out of the free weight room. How did Captain Kirk solve the Tribble problem? He had Scotty beam them onto a Klingon ship. Would the Glitter Gym equivalent have me kicking them over to the treadmill area? 🙂


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  1. MAS, they are actually quite handy to have around in the weight room. Sometimes I’ll use one for db work when the benches are all being taken up, either by those using them the way they are intended to be used, or by those using them to hold their towels, water bottles, cell phones, etc. Or worse, those folks who are using them as rest benches while they take those all-important phone calls in the middle of their workout.

  2. I also don’t believe weights lighter than 20 pounds should exist in the free weight room. That eliminates 99% of the Swiss Ball usage. I’d put all the pink colored weights in another section, like the stretching/ warm up room.

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