Yuck! The Things People Eat

This week I received one of the greatest gifts ever. This is more than a book. It is an eating challenge wish list.

Yuck! The Things People Eat
Yuck! The Things People Eat by Neil Setchfield

Yuck! is an awesome photo-filled book full of bizarre food items. Lots of bugs, weird seafood, and animal “parts”. Some of the ideas from the book I have already tried, such as pig uterus and silkworm larvae. But most of them are completely new to me. Korean penis fish, duck entrails, and yellow scorpions on a stick. Yummy? About half the items in this book can be found in a good Asian grocery store. The other half will require actually traveling to Asia. Works for me.


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  1. They just opened an authentic Supermercado in Barrio Logan neighborhood of San Diego.

    It’s full of great stuff you can’t get anywhere else. Their meat section would keep you busy for a while.

    Tripe, chicken feet, goat hooves, packaged offal and beef tongue. Next time maybe I’ll take some pics.

  2. @Stuart – Nice. That is one neighborhood I don’t recall exploring during my SD days.

  3. Just thought I would write a note of thanks to wish you a happy, compassionate and resilient New Year! I am learning so much from your blog and self experiments. I have enjoyed reading Dr Mate’s Scattered as it arrived just before Xmas (I have all 3 of his books now). Just for the introduction to some of your reading material, I am very grateful. I have been reading Ray Peat’s forum – I dip in and read a chunk of comments, then get weary and leave off for a day or two – then head back when I have the stamina again. So thank you – and may the sun rise up to greet you and the wind always be at your back (an old Irish saying?).

  4. @Pauline – Thanks. I have a few posts I’m working on now. One is a major problem I have with the Peat group. It should be out next week.

  5. Looking forward to your future posts. I am interested to know where you get the variety of books you read, are they through websites you read or through other book forums?

  6. @Pauline – I haven’t paid attention to where I get my book ideas. usually I ask a question and then seek out books on the topic.

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