I’ve been loosely following the series of posts over on Free the Animal on how potatoes might useful hack in accelerating fat loss. Now that I’ve porked out from my month without coffee, I decided to try his potato soup recipe. Read Richard’s post The Latest Diet & Exercise Hacking Towards a Goal for an explanation on why regular potatoes might help you drop a few pounds.

I did make a few changes to the recipe.

  1. I only used beef stock.
  2. I love adding Korean sea vegetables to my soups.
  3. A splash of heavy cream (optional).
  4. And then I added some bugs. 

I used silkworm pupae, which I posted on earlier this year. Instead of frying or roasting the insects, I used a food dehydrator, which was an idea I got from commenter Brady. After two hours in the food dehydrator, these little fellows are perfect to add to soups or salads.




The soup was outstanding and the bugs had a light nutty like flavor, which complimented the soup. You are most likely to find Silkworm Pupae in a Vietnamese grocery store, such as Viet Wah in the frozen seafood section. You won’t find them at Whole Fools. 🙂