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  1. Thanks for bringing shepherds pie back into my memory. I have been doing too much white rice recently and I need a change again.

    In the past, I used to do fish pie with cod based on a classic British recipe.

  2. @Stephan – I’ve never had fish pie. Now you’ve given me an idea for next week. Thanks!

  3. I love shepherd’s pie with lamb (hey, it’s not rancher’s pie!). Unfortunately, my wife doesn’t like lamb and rarely eats potatoes.

    Salmon can also be good in a pie, as it can hold up to some longer cooking times. And there is a Peruvian dish with layers of mashed potatoes and chicken that is quite good. Can’t think of the name offhand.

  4. Made this yesterday for my family. It was one of those very rare times that everyone enjoyed the dish. Thanks!

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