20 Pound Bet: Week 9 Weigh In

For a background to this post see How I Plan to Lose 20 Pounds and Win the Bet.

Week #9 Weigh-In: -2. Total Loss: -10.

This was a good week. My plan last week was to journal the number of hours in my eating window. It worked! I was solid on my morning fasting and I lost 2 more pounds.

Fasting Journal

DayFasting Hours

My goal was to average 14 hours. I hit 14.85 hours. It got easier later in the week. I will continue with this strategy. Fasting sure beats counting calories and weighing food.

potato soup

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  1. I exercised less this week due to a setback with my knee rehab. This turned out to help making morning fasting easier. Fitness “gurus” that dismiss the relationship between activity and appetite are fools.
  2. I had quite a few potatoes this week. Very filling. This is a lesson for all you militant low carbers. Carbs are not inherently fattening. Excess calories are.
  3. As far as I know I am now in the lead on the bet. Competitor #3 slipped and is back to 7#. Competitor #2 is at 5#. and Competitor #4 is still missing in action.


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  1. I find this fascinating. A shorter eating window also worked for me in the past. Probably up to 12-14 hours is best for me. Going to look into this again. I found longer fasts made me hyper alert during the day and wired/fatigued at bedtime, so I couldn’t sleep. A later eating window at night and later in the morning may work better. Lots to think about.

  2. Honey before bed!

  3. The number of meals is the deciding factor for me when using IF to cut. Two large meals work great for 18/6 IF but the same amount of food over three meals requires a longer feeding window. Congrats on the progress, my friend.

  4. I think your next experiment ought to be to see if you can loose weight why consuming a reasonable amount of beer per week. Like let your beer be your carbs! Just meat, beer, and greens….

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