The Sauna vs My Skin

In January, I mentioned in the post Regular Sauna Use: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly that as much as I loved the sauna it was damaging my skin.

…people with a history of rosacea are advised not to go to the sauna because it can flare up their redness.

On the rosacea forums, they explain how the heat aggravates the capillaries close to the surface of the skin.

Well, I tried reducing my exposure and the frequency of my sauna visits. It doesn’t seem to be helping. The redness now seems more pronounced.

So I canceled my membership to my sauna gym. My last day will be May 11th. I wanted to do at least one and possibly two more 5-day Fasting Mimicking Diets (aka Protein Cycling) before then. (I started one on April 6th). During that time I will be using the sauna. These will be my last sauna trips.

At some point, I will try an infrared sauna. The good news is that I’m walking away from the sauna at my leanest. Less excess fat means less excess fat-soluble toxins that my body is holding onto.  See Detoxification Notes (Science Not Woo-Woo) for an explanation of that statement.

Starting on May 12th, I’ll focus on what I need to do to reverse the redness. It might just need time to heal. Or I may need additional skin care products.


Photo by Olivia Henry

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  1. Try Alhydran which is a fantastic product or possibly CBD oil.

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